The weekend before last a few volunteers from Gori came to Kutaisi. We wandered around the central park and then grabbed a marshutka to Motsameta, a church in the hills near Gelati. It was a lot of fun and I must say that while Gelati is historically more significant and very beautiful in itself, Motsameta location is incredibly beautiful.

Once you have driven into the hills, you have to walk through a forest on the top of a hill that is situated in the bend of a river. At the end of this stone path is the church. Motsameta is the same yellow white stone that looks like limestone, but I doubt is. On that day it was gleaming in the sun. We could not enter the church because a wedding was taking place, but we wandered around the outside.

The view is equally beautiful in every direction with a river below and forested hills across the way. It was picturesque and the wooden bridge between the entrance and the church courtyard reminded me of Harry Potter and a few of us got a chuckle out of that.

Behind the church were situated a group of other buildings that we as foreigners were not allowed to enter. If I had found someone to ask, I would have attempted to pull the “I am half Georgian, doesn’t that count” to enter those other buildings. I doubt it would have worked, but it would have been fun to try.

After the trip up, the seven of us crammed into one taxi, because there was only one there, and rode back to Kutaisi. While in the cab, I had the best conversation with the cab driver. I understood everything he was saying and was able to respond is fairly decent Georgian. It was exhilarating.

Enjoy the photos!