Growing up in the Midwest, Eteri was a strange name that usually required multiple pronunciations and/or spellings for people to understand. I was given all sorts of nicknames, most other names that rhymed with Eteri, like Larry, Harry, Cari, Terry, and I do not even know. I did not like being called Cari or Terry one bit, I even preferred Larry and Harry. Oh and Atari, I can’t forget about the famous gaming system that I was named after!!

Of course there were a few nicknames that did not have anything to do with how my name sounded and those I enjoyed. Ester Williams. Miss E. Cherry Berry (ok that rhymes with my name, but I like it). Robin. And more that I cannot remember at the moment.

One of the most interesting things I have learned while in Georgia, are the variations of Eteri. The top three are Eter, Eto, and Etuna. My students all call me Miss Eter. Yes it is my name just short an “i”, but I have seen it written on fliers in Georgian around town that way and my co-teacher introduced me that way and my students call me Miss Eter, if they use my name. My host family calls me Eto, and I actually really like Eto. I might try to bring that one back with me. I have only been called Etuna a few times, but I know it exists. I wish I had been told all of the Georgian nicknames for Eteri, I would have been going by those all these years!