Crossing the street in Georgia is risking it all and can be very, very scary. Granted crossing the street in any place is taking a risk, but there tend to be safety regulations in place to help keep pedestrians safe while crossing. Well, in Georgia, cross-walks are few and far between and if they do exist, drivers very rarely obey them. Pedestrians do not even obey them! It seems wily-nilly how people wander into the traffic as if they are a cow in India, sure of their holiness and secure in their immorality. Vehicles of all sizes do not stop for pedestrians. Drivers drive as if stopping will be the cause of their death. They will honk and honk at pedestrians to move, but they do not break until the very last second. Waiting for a pause in traffic could mean you will be waiting until the end of time to cross.

It took me awhile to understand how to cross the street. The first time crossing is nerve-racking, your heart is pounding and once you make it across you tend to be dizzy from all of the turning your head back and forth during the adventure. The trick I have found that works best is to cross at the same location. You have to be in tune with the ebb and flow of traffic; knowing where the best place to pause is, which direction to look when, how large of a figure you are and be constantly aware of the terrain ahead of you. There are still times when I am worried about my toes or if my backpack is about to get snagged by a side-mirror, but for the most part, I feel much safer crossing now than I did at first.

Bottom line, be extra careful crossing the street in Georgia.