Sunday morning, I woke up before everyone and enjoyed bread, butter and honey and a hot cup of tea. I then lounged in my bed again reading the Counte of Monte Cristo and dozing again. It was a very lazy Sunday morning. Finally everyone else started to stir, so I decided to roll out of bed and sit in the living room and read.

Per usual, my host mother was in the kitchen making the porridge while her husband and little daughter watched TV. As she brought in the porridge with bits of cookies crumbled into it for the youngest, she asked me what American children ate for breakfast. What a hard question to answer.

I was about to answer that there was not a usual thing that American’s ate. And that it depended on the family, the age of the kids, etc. Then I realized who I was talking to and answered “cereal”. She momentarily looked at me confused while processing the word and searching her internal dictionary. A few seconds later, her eyes lite up and she smiled and exclaimed “ah!” Her husband then turned and asked what it was that we ate. She then went on to explain the Georgian equivalent of Coco-Puffs, called Nesquiki(if you have guessed that it is produced by Nestle you are correct)

At the word “shokolati” my host sister needed to have it and shouted at her father “metz minda!” (I also want). I had previously contemplated purchasing a box of cereal for my personal consumption and decided against it thinking that Nini (the youngest host sister), would devour it within minutes of it appearing.

When I got home later from being out and about, my Nini proudly showed me her box of Nesquiki that her father had bought her. She began to eat it out of the box and her mother yelled at her and told her to eat it properly.

Georgian properly, is not quite the way I would eat my cereal. They poured some cereal into a bowl and then poured some milk into the bowl. So far so good. They then proceeded to cover the bowl and let it sit….Apparently they were waiting for the milk to turn brown from the chocolate puffs………needless to say, Nini did not like cereal and it ended up sitting on the table and congealing in the bowl until the next day when her mother realized she was not going to eat it. I might be able to get away with having a box of cereal around after all. I just have to make sure not to let them catch on that you eat the cereal immediately, before it gets soggy and warm.