Fifth Graders

My fifth graders take their beanies, kill flies, and collect them in a plastic bag. I do not know why.This seems to be their newest form of entertainment.

Eighth Graders

The other day, my co-teacher had to go write up an eighth grader for being drunk. Eighth graders tend to be 13. He was at school. I am glad that he got in trouble.


I had a teacher today ask to be my godmother. She was born and raised in the village where the Georgian side of my family had a summer house. She has always talked to me about taking me there and showing me around. She began by asking if I was Christian. She then continued to say she wanted to be my godmother and that I should think on it. If it happened, there would be a big feast at the restaurant in the village, a celebration, and it would be great if my mother could come and be there as well…..Apparently, it is normal for Georgians to have more than one godmother. During this conversation all teachers present in the teacher’s lounge, were laughing and smiling. It must be strange to ask a 25 year old to be their godmother. At least I would think so.


At my gym today, I get there a bit early and start working out. I am on the bike when the owner comes up to me and asks if I want to eat cake and drink wine. He takes my hesitation to be due to him asking me and he assures me that there are women and that the celebration is in fact a belated Women’s Day celebration. So I cave, and I enjoy a slice of fruity, fluffy cake and glass of very sweet black wine (red), and then a shot of some liquor. I drink to the success of the fitness club, down the wine and then the shot and then go jog and then an hour of aerobics. It was quite the experience! Never felt better 😉 Clearly, it is the meal of champions.