There is an innocence that is hard to explain in the interactions between strangers and children. For example, it is completely acceptable for my students to run up and hug me. I can hug them back and not have to worry about my intentions being misinterpreted by over protective parents. Students can kiss me on the cheek as well (the thought is nice, but not the snotty streaks and sickness that comes with that close contact with a seven year old is NOT nice)….

It is nice to see a bent, wrinkled grandmother with a small toddler who is getting on a bus hand the child to a random young man to lift the toddler onto the bus, and then climbing aboard as well. The young man can make baby faces at the child while the grandmother arranges herself and then collects the child, without the least bit of concern on anyone’s part. He usually then hands the child to the woman after she has disembarked.

Men can hold and play with children and babies that are not their own. It seems that in more western countries, this is less socially acceptable.

Males in a family can kiss and hug even into their teens. There is seemingly more open displays of affection between family members of all ages and genders. It is a nice counter to the yelling.

Boys (and men) can walk arm in arm with their male friends. It is adorable when two 15 year old boys are sitting at a table together and one is leaning on the other (sometimes even playing with the others hair).