This is a poem in the third level book that my 5th graders are using. It is to help them learn “must” and “must not”. I am sure that the author of the book intended the poem to be silly and not a representation of any actually school….they were wrong.

At dinosaur school, dinosaur school,
There are the dinosaur rules.
You must learn to fight
And you mustn’t be polite.
You must stamp and shout
And go running in and out.
You must growl and roar
And always slam the door.
These are the dinosaur rules!

Well, the fighting, the not being polite, the stamping, the shouting, the roaring, the running around and even the slamming of the door are daily occurrences in this 5th grade class! They are dinosaurs! I was happy that even my co-teacher found the poem ironic.