Everyday my mother sits my little host sister, 7 years old, down to do homework. My host mother currently works for the police doing computer entry (what I have no clue because I doubt there is all that much paper work to be done), but she used to be a Georgian Teacher. This means that my little host sister has to do everything perfectly in Georgian. Georgian classes seem to involve learning to read, obviously, learning to spell, also obvious, and then a lot of memorization. And I mean A LOT of memorization. Poems, little stories, long stories and anything the teacher can assign a student to memorize. Memorization is not a good way to learn much of anything. They do not seem to be taught any creative thinking, analytical thinking, or any actual thinking…just memorization. (They do not get passed the first level of Blooms Taxonomy Chart- check out the Wikipedia page for it)

Anyway, not to get completely negative about the style of teaching here, my host mother always sits down with Nino to do Georgian as well as other lessons. There is always yelling and hitting with books involved. I used to sit in the living room and read or make flashcards while the lessons were happening, I wanted to be readily available to do English lessons. Now, I can no longer stand it and sit in my room listening to music on my computer.

The other day I broke this new trend and was sitting in the living room as my host mother and Nino started to do her homework. There was a bit of shouting and then my host mother left the room. She returned a few minutes later wielding a fly swatter. A fly swatter. Her intention was clear as Nino began to cower and whimper. I left the room. Her slapping her daughter with books is bad, maybe worse because there is a bit more heft to the books, but those are on hand. She did not have to take the time and thought to go get something to hurt her daughter with. I do not understand.

When I do English lessons while my host mother is away, my older host sister, 17, will tell me to hit her little sister if she is bad. I never do. I cannot handle it. There are definitely times when I am frustrated beyond belief and would love to vent my frustration physically, but I do not.

There are way to many incidents of children being hit in this country. I will be happy to not have to see it on a daily basis.