As my new title states, I have gone from Kutaisi to now teaching English in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. Karlovy Vary in English is known as Carlsbad. Both of these names means “Charles’ Baths”. From what I have been told by my brother, it is a very ritzy and touristy spa town that was founded as a hot spring and spa for King Charles (don’t know which one).  It is also apparently mostly run by Russians (just in case you were wondering).

Karlovy Vary is located in the western part of the Czech Republic and is very near the German border. For anyone who has seen the James Bond movie Casino Royale, you have seen Karlovy Vary. A good portion of the city and casino scenes were filmed there. Needless to say, as a Bond fan, I am fairly excited to be working there!

I arrived in Prague on September 3rd after an arduous set of flights beginning in Chicago. My flight plan was Chicago to New York JFK. In JFK I had to retrieve my baggage, move to a different terminal and re-check in. It was good that I had about 5 hours to do all of that. I spent the remaining time wandering the international terminal and catching up on the Rugby Championship. Finally it was time to board my flight from JFK to Moscow. Because Moscow is on the way to Prague… For those of us bad at geography, Moscow is about 1035 miles past Prague. I should not complain because it was frequent flier miles. (Thanks bro!) I sat in Moscow for only 3 hours before boarding my flight to Prague. Overall, the flights could have been much worse and I arrived safely as did my luggage.

A quick cab ride later and I got to my brother’s place. It was around one in the afternoon and both my niece and nephew were home. My niece was sick, but was just as excited and energetic as her brother to show me the new kittens! Oh dear, they are only a few months old and are the youngest, cutest baby animals I have ever encountered. I have already taken 30 pictures of just kittens.

I get to spend a week with the kittens, I mean my family, before I have a week long orientation and then move to my new home! I will be living in a village near where I work, Sokolov. I am going to be living with another survivor of Georgia in an apartment on the 12th floor. Thank goodness there are two elevators! I am very excited for my new adventure!

I will be finding out the details of my schedule during orientation. I had a recent email from my new employer saying that a teacher just had a family emergency and is not going to be teaching, thus everything has to be rethought through. Instead of teaching kindergarteners, I might be teaching adults. Or I might be teaching both. This tiny bit of confusion is slightly reminiscent of Georgia, but at least she is in contact with me and it is not the norm! We will just have to see. If there is only one thing I took away from Georgia, it would have to be that things do not always go according to plan and being relaxed and going with the flow is much easier than stressing about it. Things always work out in the end.