Well, let me tell you. The first week in any new job is stressful. The first week in any new job abroad is probably slightly more stressful than average. The first week working with this company was ridiculous. I did not get my schedule for Monday until Sunday afternoon. Not only getting my schedule the day before I am supposed to start teaching, but   I found out that I was supposed to drive a manual, which I had only driven 4 times before in a parking lot, three out of five days.

The people in charge are trying to make the schedules as smooth and easy as possible, I will give them that, but it is not happening. I feel that they realize the schedules they create are impossible and they are just tricking their three foreign employees into thinking they are possible. Take that statement of course with a grain of salt. The company has to work around school schedules and that is why things get complicated, because the schools are located all around the region.

Monday looked to be an ok day. A late start, which I am not fond of, being a more productive person in the morning, and a late end. I was going to do an extra adult lesson in the evening, but I think I might not do that anymore. I don’t like getting home at 8pm. Then having to be out the door for work at 7:30am the next morning. I require a bit more down time than that to keep my sanity. Especially at the beginning of the week.

Tuesday I am supposed to drive to five different villages. Four of which only have one 20 minute lesson in that location. A bit crazy I feel. The stress of that was also that I was following another vehicle!

Wednesday and Thursday are spent in a different town. My first Wednesday, when I was in this different town, I was told I had the old schedule and had a class that I had not prepared for. Oops…Fun for me! Other than that little blunder, once in that town, I can park and walk to each location.

Friday originally was one class for me and the other two girls, but Thursday night I got a text telling me to check my email. Now I have three classes. Which would be fine if they were in the morning and done by noon, but they start at noon and end just before five. There go my plans for heading out of town early on Fridays!

Needless to say, my first week was incredibly stressful and not enjoyable. I am hoping that this second week goes better. The stress was cause by the seeming lack of organization, the late receiving of information and the fact that I was under a completely different impression of how this company worked. Every skype conversation I had with my boss, I was given the impression I would be mostly in the language center in town or in a few schools around the one town. Never was I lead to believe that I would be spread all over the region! I was also under the impression I would be teaching kindergartners and first graders. Now, I am teaching kindergarteners, first graders, fourth and fifth graders and eleventh graders. There may also be a few more grades in there that I have forgotten.

I have also not yet received my visa or health insurance. In fact my employee and me are supposed to fill out the visa information together, the visa is tied directly to the job, and that has not been done yet.

I feel scattered and drained. I realize that jobs are not always easy and can cause stress, but I was not looking for a job that was this stressful and draining. I only intend to do it for a year and I do not see why I want to invest so much of myself into it. Again, I hope that things will even out and become smoother with time and practice. Wish me luck on my second week!