Most of my classes are with children under the age of twelve, but I do have one class with juniors in high school. This class was initially my most feared class. I was nervous about having to teach older students and what would we do and what level of English would they have. So many questions. The instant I walked into their classroom and met them, they became my favorites. There are two groups of them. One on Wednesday and one on Thursday. They are amazing. Their English is fantastic and we have a good time talking. We have conversations based on what their English grammar teacher is doing with them, but we still have fun. One of the students invited me to go into Karlovy Vary with her. I agreed.

We went for a Saturday and wandered around Karlovy Vary. She took me to all of the famous spots and showed me the famous Karlovy Vary wafers. It was a lot of fun. She showed me the sites, but mostly, being a typical teenager, talked about boys and her sister. I felt a little odd talking to a 17 year old about relationships….Oh well, go with the flow right? These pictures are from that day.

One of the most amusing things about hanging out with her was that we spoke in German the whole day. We decided that in class we would speak English and outside of class I would practice my German! Too much fun.