My British coworker had found a place in Karlovy Vary that did yoga on Wendesday nights. I decided I wanted to check it out. I called my coworker and met up with her and the other coworker. Neither were interested in doing yoga that night, but they had been at dinner. As I was making my way to meet up with them, a member of the male gender who was probably about 19 or 20 years of age walked up to me and proceeded to put a crumpled piece of paper down my shirt. He managed to do this while I was still walking forward and he was walking backward as well as without me saying a word to him.

My initial reaction to the situation was to continue walking and ignore. After I passed an older Czech man who mumbled something in Czech I realized how ridiculous that had been. I can only assume that the Czech man mumbled about how crazy that boy had been. Once the anger set in, my thoughts ran to “Why did I not smack him with my gym bag? It wouldn’t have been hard to do. The gym bag was in my right hand, he was on my left” or “Why didn’t I rugby tackle the s**t out of him?”. I then shouted in German a few foul words and let it go.

A few steps later I met up with my coworkers and was rather surprised they hadn’t seen the encounter. We briefly discussed how that kid wasn’t right in the head and that it is best to let it go.

Just goes to show, there are weirdos everywhere.

Unfortunately, yoga was canceled. We will try next week.