The first rule of fight club is not talk about fight club…

I have always said that Georgian students are probably the worst students on the face of the planet. While I still stand by that statement, I never had a first grader give another first grader a bloody nose during my time in Georgia. I had that happen just today.

I had the first graders, with a few kindergarteners thrown in for good measure and lesson planning challenges, in the semblance of a circle playing a game called Circle of Death. It might seem that Circle of Death is the kind of activity that would lead to a bloody nose, and well death, but it is really a rather harmless game. I have the students in a circle while I stand in the middle with a plush ball and a stack of flash cards. I then say a students name, gently throw the ball at the student and ask them a question. If the student drops the ball or answers incorrectly, they are “dead” and must sit down. For whatever reason, students love death and killing each other. I had an eleven year old from a different class beg to have me kill her. More on that later.

While I was facing one direction of the circle and asking someone a question, apparently the token crazy student punched one of the other boys. As I did not see it happen, when the punched boy went to the sink (yes there are sinks in Czech classrooms) and started leaning over it, I asked him to come back to the circle. He stayed leaning over the sink and pathetically called my name. I went over, saw the blood pouring onto the white porcelain and asked him if he wanted to go to a Czech teacher.

He lead me to the office where the teacher’s room I was borrowing was working and he told her what happened. I returned to the classroom. The remaining children were attempting to tell me that it was the crazy child was to blame. The Czech teacher came back into the classroom with a cleaned-up-bloddy-nose- student and told the crazy student off. I just smiled and nodded. I did not know what was going on.


Back to the eleven year old who begged me to kill her. During the second orientation, the head/mascot of the franchise showed us a game where we elaborately kill a student. We of course only pretend to kill the student. Before killing the student, we have pairs of students ask questions and take notes about the other student. Then a pair is selected and within that pair the doomed student is chosen (most want to be the killed student). I then ask how the rest of the class wants to kill the doomed student and it is usually gruesome. The survivor of the pair then has to go over the deceased students answers, but in the past tense! Tricky teachers….making something that is fun into a learning and thinking experience! Ha!

So yes, I was doing this with my group of four fairly advanced eleven year old girls and one of them won the rock-paper-scissors match and wanted that to mean she would be killed. Even after the class was over she kept asking me to kill her! Strange.