I don’t work for a language school. I don’t work for a public school. I work for a franchise. Just so happens that this franchise sells English language courses. Not what I thought I had signed up for. Despite that, I have become accustomed to my schedule and do enjoy teaching (some of the time;)).

Anyway, part of my job description as a teacher in a franchise is to be filmed. Filmed at least once in each of my different lessons. First of all, this sucks. No matter if I am given warning or not, it messes with the groove of the lesson because the students have a new distraction at the beginning of the lesson, which means I have to be extra extravagant and amusing to keep them focused on me.  I then feel as if I am being judged by whomever it is that is doing the filming (which in some cases, I am sure is what is happening).

These videos then are edited (hopefully putting me in the best possible light as a teacher) and then posted online for parents to see. Parents actually ask my boss about the videos. You know, the best way to know what is happening in their children’s lessons is to  just sit in on one. I have had that happen many a time. A parent wanders shyly into the classroom and asks if they can sit and watch. I wonder what would happen if I said “no”? Hmmm…not going to tr.

I digress. Seeing that these videos are being taken and posted online, I have a strange desire to watch them and see if there is a way I can improve my lesson. But what would really happen, would be me being embarrassed by how I sound, look or act as a teacher/person (I tend to be very thankful that I can’t see my silly faces). I have attempted to watch these videos, of which there are apparantly 52, but have been unable to actually find them. I am providing the link below for anyone curious or looking for a laugh. Currently, the only videos available for viewing are me and my three coworkers singing a song we made up in 15 minutes and my introduction to my students done during the first training.


**I would like to mention a quick thank you to all of my past teachers for their hard work and time devoted to keeping themselves sane and the students(aka parents) satisfied. I had some really great teachers throughout my life. I am now much more capable of understanding the effort that takes. The sheer amount of time outside of the classroom devoured by lesson planning is immense(at least for me it is). So bottom line, THANK  YOU TEACHERS!