My second weekend in CZ I was still in Prague. I was out  Saturday night going to a small bar that my sister in law recommended. It was late and lots of people were still out and about. Prague really is a big city and has an active night life. It was good to see people on the streets. Native Czechs and tourists. Most were stumbling around in some state of inebriation. Whatever, people are having a good time, they are in the city center, and it is part of Prague culture. What I didn’t realize was part of Prague and Czech culture was public urination.

I was in Georgia last year and the drinking problem there was insane, but not once did I see a Georgian urinating in public. My whole year no matter the location, never saw anyone taking a leak. My first night out in CZ a man in a not very private or dark side street was peeing at the bottom of a staircase. Obviously drunk. Ok, Saturday night in Prague, maybe it was a tourist. Didn’t look like a tourist, but could have been. Continued going to the bar and just made a mental note about how odd that seemed to me.

Later once I am in Sokolov and have settled into the apartment, my boyfriend and I went for a wander around the tiny, dead town center. Everything was closed and there were very few people out. The people we did see were taking wedding photos in front of the local Chateau. Two little boys were standing facing a tiny sapling urinating. Ok, they are little kids, that is more ok than an adult, but they were basically tinkling in an open knoll. The sapling provided no coverage at all.

Since then I have seen more children weeing in public parks, little boys and girls. With parents or grandparents standing by. What is strange is seeing an electrician peeing against a tree in the middle of the day on a main street. What? Randomly I come across men peeing in public and not really subtly at all. There is no guard to tell them someone is coming and hurry up and the urinator doesn’t even seem to be aware of whats around. There doesn’t seem to be much thought to who sees them since it is in parks, main streets, and in some cases practically peoples front lawns. How did this come about? Why don’t they find a store or business to ask to use their bathroom?

I mostly just find it interesting how Georgians, who are infamous for imbibing copious amounts of wine and have holes in the ground as toilets (that you have to pay to use), have better peeing etiquette than Czechs, who have indoor plumbing everywhere that is sure to be cleaner than what was in Georgia. Just a cultural difference I suppose. Or maybe I was just lucky in Georgia not to see it, and unlucky here.