If there were ever a zombie apocalypse in the Czech Republic, Czech women would survive. OK, of course not all would make it, but the vast majority of women between 35 and 60 would be overlooked by zombies. Why you might ask? Because they look like zombies themselves. So their limbs aren’t falling off and their clothes aren’t rotten through, but the lifeless look in their eyes and the slack-jawed, parted mouth are classic zombie.

Driving and walking through different towns and villages, I was at first oblivious to this phenomenon. Every time I passed a woman pushing a pram, waiting for a bus, shopping for groceries, really doing anything, something seemed familiar and slightly disconcerting. It took the Irishman to point it out….zombies.

Due to the fact that most of these women are out on the street or shopping during normal working ours, I might think that they are stay at home wives or unemployed. Maybe that is part of the reason for their lack- luster dead stare. Maybe not.  I have no idea why the majority of women look to be unaware of their surroundings and dead to the world. I do not know what their lives are like and maybe I happen to catch normally vibrant women on bad days. Who knows.

Bottom line, any director or producers out there looking for a place to shoot their next zombie flick, should look to the Czech Republic for location and zombie extras.