Living on the eighth floor of an apartment complex in Georgia lead to walking up a lot of stairs. Yes, there was an elevator in the building, but I would not trust it with my groceries. It was who knows how old and to use it you had to put in 5 tetri (less than 1 penny). There was the occasionally situation where I would use this elevator- when moving in and out with my luggage. Also, anytime I came home and ran into my little host sister wanting to go upstairs, we took the elevator. I am surprised I never heard screams of people trapped in the elevator.

Moving to the Czech Republic and living on the 12th floor, really made me realize how useful an elevator really is. This building is also soviet-era, but it has clearly been revamped since then. There are in fact two elevators in this new building! A small slow one (the Soviet era one) and a big, speedy new one. Everyone in the building prefers the new, fast elevator.

But alas there have recently been a few disgusting occurrences involving the new elevator. It all started when the new elevators oil started to leak and slowly drip down the wall, leaving a nice brownish black trail that children and teenagers like to put their fingers in and draw pictures on the walls. Lovely. That is at least easy to avoid, you just don’t lean against the walls and ignore the unsightliness.

The next incident was the “puddle”. Upon returning home from a long day at work, the elevator doors chimed open to reveal that there was now a lake occupying the standing space. There was the tell-tail scent of urine….someones dog hadn’t made it outside. Ok, it happens sometimes that is forgivable, but the puddle was there for two days. At one point someone threw scraps of paper on it to try and soak it up. They didn’t then clean up the scraps of paper, just added to the mess. Small elevator was in high demand those days, but the other one was still used (gross).

Once the cleaning crew took care of that mess we, me and I assume the entire building, hoped that the worst we would have to deal with would be the oil stains. Nope, only about a week later there was another accident in the elevator.

This one my boyfriend and I discovered when it was quite fresh, due to the strength of the smell. Oh yes, a dog had taken a nice fat dump on the floor. What dog owner wouldn’t clean that up? We were livid. If I spoke Czech I would have called the elevator company and had them check the security cameras to figure out who did it and punish them. No, nothing along those lines has seemed to happen. It just took another few days for that to disappear via the cleaning lady.

Ok, clearly the non-guilty inhabitants of the apartment complex must be sick of it and self police….aaaaaannd no. Only two days after that nice little present was cleaned up, another dog took a number two- this time nice and runny. The smell of the other one had barely dissipated before this one added to it.

It disgusts me and infuriates me that people have so little respect for communal space. I can give a little leeway for the mostly unused stairs not being kept prime and pristine (unwrapped condoms, trash, ash, cigarette butts etc.), but the elevator that everyone has to use? Just letting your dog shit and leaving it? Grow up and deal with that shit. Literally.