My boyfriend and I applied for a position to manage a hostel a week and a half ago (September 24). The owner of the hostel interviewed us for upwards of two hours and at the end, told us she would let us know on October 3rd whether we got the position or not. Fair enough, she had two other couples she wanted to interview and they were set to be interviewed October 2nd. Ok, we would find out if we had the job on October 3rd and if we did get the job, we would start training October 10th. Two weeks to fill either way. One till news about the job, one until the position might start (we were thinking very positively about it. The interview had gone really well).

It is expensive to stay in backpackers and hostels, so we looked for and found a work for accommodation position in a nice little alpine village. We handed out our information and have had a few paid odd-jobs (gardening, wood stacking type things) over the week. (Hitting the Pavement discuses more about that process and the awesomeness of many Kiwis).

While running around town applying to places, we were reluctant to apply and take any more permanent work positions because we really only had two weeks to be able to honestly commit to a position. It isn’t in either of our personalities to apply, and take a position knowing that we might be leaving in two weeks. A bit of a bind, eh?

Today’s date is (drum roll please)……October 5th! Not a word! Well, OK so on the day we were supposed to hear, I sent an email inquiring (like any sane person would do). The response was “I haven’t made a decision yet, I will let you know.” Two days later…still no information what-so-ever. This is not only not encouraging for being offered the position, but it is also not making either of us want to work for a person this lacksidasical. If you tell someone you will let them know on a certain date, you tell them something. Anything. Tell them the chicken ate the doorknob and you can’t get into your house.  Or rather the answer to the inquiry or a reason for the delay. And then once you delay, you keep them posted. I understand getting caught up in other business, but a job position is a big deal (at least for the applicant) and it shows some respect to the applicant to keep them in the loop.

The delay has given us time to think about the position. And the really rather odd questions in the interview (have you met each others parents/family). And the phrases of the initial emails “you look like the right type of people” and requesting a photo. All a bit odd. Other details are coming forward as well. We would be stuck in Christchurch for five months. Not much going on there (nice enough place, but after having seen more, it’s not great). We’d be stuck in the hostel from 9-9 and pretty much be on call that whole time. The owner originally stated via email that the position was Monday to Friday, but in the interview she said it wasn’t. It was also implied in the email we’d have our own apartment, in the interview it was indicated we’d be living with another person.

After staying in other backpackers hostels, we also realize that the crowd of people in the Christchurch hostel aren’t the greatest mix.

Another major factor in the quickly fading enthusiasm is the availability of longer term (month-3 month) positions in Hanmer Springs. Looks like the waiting game might be ending on our terms and we might be starting back on square one for the job hunt. Just have to wait and see…MWAHAHAHA.