I clean, make beds, do laundry and other sorts of odd jobs for accommodation. It is nice work. And for the most part relaxed. I can work at my own pace, which is speedily efficient (just in my nature). I tend to only take breaks when a natural lull in tasks occurs, which some days is never and others is most of the morning.

Dining Table at HB

First thing I do is take down the closed sign and no vacancy sign and open blinds to let in the sun. Then if it’s a chilly morning, I build a fire. I empty the mail box, rubbish bins and tidy the bathrooms and kitchen, usually before people start waking up. If the guests think they are living with their mother, than I get to do their dishes in the morning, but so far that hasn’t been too much of an issue (thank goodness for mature adults! At least in that).

I am the first representative of the hostel the guests meet in the morning, so I am chatty and sunny if they are inclined to be chatty, or I can be quiet and busy with cleaning if they want to wake up in peace. Most guests like to chat and I’ve had ample opportunity to practice my German. I get to meet lots of really awesome people from all over the world. There have only been a few “muppets” (someone who should know better but who does something stupid- ie leaving dishes, leaving doors open while it’s snowing).

Check out is technically at 10am, but guests are encouraged to take their time eating breakfast and feel no rush to be out of the hostel by that time, just out of their room with their key in my hand. With the first checkout, I start making beds. Endless tucking and duvet straightening and my all time nemesis of cleaning windows and mirrors then begins. A bit of laundry gets put on at some point and the owners appreciate it when I skip vacuuming and clean the bathrooms instead, which is something I am ok with, but the amount of hair that gets stuck in drains is INCREDIBLE (imagine inch long, greyish black, slimy slugs).

I have yet to be left with a filthy, gnarly, room. There have been a few silly people who leave dirty dishes in the room or trash not quite in the bin, but nothing terrible. For the most part people actually read the signs and strip the bed for me! How thoughtful. A few pairs of socks and some food have been left in rooms before. Those are appropriated by moi.

Like I’ve said, it’s a good job and I like it. As much as I like my alone time, I am a people person. I feel at home in this hostel and it is a lot of fun meeting new people every day or so. Last post was about the most exciting incident, but there are always characters around and the unexpected occurrence waiting to happen.

Upstairs lounge

The other day a very nice couple was checking out of one of the double rooms. I was slightly annoyed because they woke up around 10 and I was wanting their key (first world problems, I know). So when they finally handed me their key and left the hostel, I went up to clean their room. I opened the door and yelped. On the bed was a sheet wrapped body…ok, it wasn’t an actual body. It was the comforter and pillow wrapped in the duvet cover and a pillow case. This couple had clearly done this before. It was precisely wrapped, tucked and shaped to look like a mummy with a head, body, wrapped-together legs and feet. I was startled to say the least and promptly made everyone in the upstairs lounge check it out. It made my day. I showed both owners. They both thought it was hilarious and were very glad that a picture had been taken.

mummy bedsheets

Now whenever I open the door to that room, I except, and kind of hope, to see a new sheet figure waiting for me.