I sleep on the bottom bunk in a five person dorm room in a hostel. A nice variety of people come through the hostel and thus come through “my” room. There have been very few problems with guests in general. There has been one paying guest who was asked to leave, but he left with no fuss and made himself scarce once he was told he needed to leave (he was an older man who was very verbally inappropriate with women when they were isolated. Once the owner told him the problem his response was “oh I take it to far sometimes” That didn’t make us like him anymore).

Anyway, it is really awesome that the crowd is usually fun, interesting and respectful of other guests and the hostel rules. Unfortunately, there is one sure way to make enemies, no matter how nice and interesting you might actually be….and it’s to snore. Ok, so not just to snore (everyone does that on occasion and it is involuntary), but to know that you are a LOUD snorer and to book a dorm room…….You then are aware that you are disturbing other people. It then almost becomes equivalent to playing really loud music when people are trying to sleep. Again, yes it is involuntary, but there are a number of devices and strips and little plastic things that help with snoring. Heck, you can even stick a tennis ball behind you so that you can’t sleep on your back.

Then there is the best thing to do, rent a private room. Just eliminate the issue and snore away to your hearts content in the confines of your own room. The walls might not be thick, but they will muffle and that helps a lot more than most people realize.

This gentleman was a walk in- didn’t have a reservation and maybe that’s why he couldn’t get a private room. He was loads of fun, nice and had some great stories. He was even really incredibly quiet entering and exiting the dorm room when people were sleeping, but once he fell asleep, we all woke up.

It was like hearing a herd of rampaging bull elephants all chasing after the Helen of Troy of elephants while playing their own trumpets, trombones or whatever in an attempt to woo her. And they were running over gravel mixed with pop rockets. Bottom line, it was terrible. I ended up sleeping in the backseat of our car and my boyfriend slept in a chair in the upstairs lounge. The other person in the room, luckily for him, had decent ear plugs, but he still ended up moving to a bed farther away from the snore-machine ( I don’t think the distance helped him at all).

Then there were the scary pauses when he seemed to stop breathing and we all worried he might not start breathing again. It is stressful when it is that loud and that intense and you aren’t used to it at all.

We didn’t get much sleep and what sleep we got was poor. These two things make people grumpy. Being grumpy and knowing the source of grumpiness leads to not liking that source. That source is a person and so he is currently disliked. Of course we are all still polite and nice to him, it just has to overcome general grumpiness first.

Anyway, I don’t hate people who snore (I will probably end up a snorer), but be considerate of others when you are booking rooms.