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Last week I gave my notice at the hostel and moved out. It was a rather sudden move, but it was a necessary one and I am so much happier sharing my space with friends rather than random strangers. True these friends started out as random strangers that I met at the hostel, but it’s still nice just sharing two bathrooms with 4 other people rather than upwards of 15.

My boyfriend and I moved out the same day I gave my notice. Didn’t take too long to pack up or move out (my suitcase was already in the car because there had never been enough room to have it in the room where we were staying- another bonus of moving out- space!). It took even less time to move in, we put all our things in the car and literally drove one driveway up. We moved into the place next door to the hostel!

So, that is awesome. We had hoped to be able to live with the German couple we had met early on, but they had already sorted out there living arrangements before we decided to make the move. They are living with a single mother family with two amazingly adorable sounding girls, a really lovely coworker/owner of the house, and until recently a whole batch of kittens! Talk about a pile of cuteness! I am getting distracted, thinking about kittens can do that.

Anyway, we are now living with a Kiwi and an American couple. The Kiwi girl and the American woman work at the spa attached to the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools. They are both masseuse there and they met through training together. Their training sounded like the best few weeks of training ever conceived. They were learning how to do the treatments- on each other. Think about going into work to get a facial and a full body massage. Then you would give one as well, but still. Awesome.

The American man is currently unemployed. Actually, he is self employed, in a very interesting way. He is a possum trapper. Not opossum, but possum. Possums are native to Australia and are considered (like any mammal in New Zealand) to be a pest. They are a nocturnal, tree climbing kind of cute form a distance creature, but New Zealand considers them a pest. They eat and destroy native trees and vegetation. Because of this, New Zealanders are very happy to have people trap possums (when you trap a possum, it is ILLEGAL to let it go, you must kill it). What he does is trap the possum and then sell it’s fur. He will then sell this fur to someone who will sell it to someone else to make it into yarn or mix it with merino wool to make fancy gloves (which we sell at Wild South).

I haven’t yet gone with him to set traps, but most of our household plus our mutual German friends have gone to set traps. I will have to go sometime. Not sure I can handle going the next morning to check on the traps, but setting them could be interesting.