Ok, so I still have to go set the possum traps with my housemate, but there has already been a “possum encounter”. The group of us, the 3 housemates, my boyfriend and the German couple were all walking up Conical Hill. Conical Hill is a short, but nice walk with a fantastic view of the valley as well as a clear and elevated look into the sky. We were going up in the late evening, maybe 10pm or so (ok so maybe at night). To look at what is called a “Solar Flare”. When I first heard the phrase “Solar Flare”, I thought we were going to see just that, a huge flare of the suns gases firing out into the sky and visible on Earth. Nope. This is where a satellite that is orbiting the Earth reflects the suns rays for a few seconds and looks like a very bright something. I don’t know because I haven’t seen one yet.

On our way up this hill, we were talking about our friend and his possum traps. He had brought his new golf club (dubbed Lady Spalding) with him- to whack a possum. Haha yeah right. We weren’t going to see a possum let alone was he going to hit one with his golf club that he got specifically for that purpose (he asked the owner of a mini golf if he could have one. The owners response was “You gotta hit em hard” or something like that.)

We were walking along innocently with a few headlamps flashing around when suddenly, our Possum hunting friend takes off into the woods. There had been a possum sitting on a railing.  A few people saw the possum, but he didn’t get anywhere near it.

There was no luck with the Solar Flare and we slowly made our way down when Alex (the German), suddenly stopped. We all looked over his shoulder to see a possum hanging onto a tree. At eye level. We all ooed and awed about how cute it was (it was grey with a black tipped tail). When suddenly our possum hunter was in the spotlight. And he dealt the possum a mighty blow with Lady Spalding.

The possum hung there. Swaying slightly. We were all astonished. Had he hurt the possum/ killed it that quickly? Why hadn’t the possum climbed to safety? Where they really that stupid of creatures? (We all also realized that we didn’t want to be seeing this).

The possum fell to the ground with an audible thud. And scampered off.

Adam, the possum hunter, pursued his quarry, but to no avail. The hunted had escaped (which we were all rather relived about).

It was a rather eye opening experience and made me a bit sad for the possums that he wants to trap. But still curious about how the trapping process will work.