One weekend, I sat down and planned the menu for the week. I don’t remember why I did this, just that I did and it ended up being a tour of global cuisine.

Monday I started in Greece. I made a Greek seasoning rub for steak that I then put in the grill (like a big toaster oven and you leave the door open, so broiling?). We then had a Greek Salad, homemade tzatziki and warmed pita pockets. The tzatziki was waaay to garlicy, but it all fit together well and tasted delicious!

Tuesday took us to Japan with teriyaki-glazed meatballs with yakisoba noodles.

Wednesday we found ourselves in Mexico with slow cooker Quinoa Enchilada Bake, and a salsa inspired salad.

Thursday felt like we had returned to continental Europe (France maybe?) with lamb chops in a balsamic reduction paired with green beans and toasted almonds and followed by pears and walnuts glazed in honey.

Friday we wandered over the Pyrenees to enjoy some Spanish Pork Burgers. The burgers had green olives, feta and sweet onion mixed in. I made a turmeric (very mildly so) mayonnaise mix to spread on the lovely rolls I had bought. The side was paprika coated wedges and a big green salad.

I had a LOAD of fun finding and trying these recipes! I know I said I would provide some recipes, but I will have to find where I have stuck them before I can do that!