Once upon a time a long time ago, one of my brothers created a recipe. It must have been while he was in college and needed to feed himself that this recipe was invented, but I am not sure anymore. Since its original conception, I have only known myself and my Deda to cook this recipe. Either way, I always end up attributing the “Tortilla Tower if Power” to my brother.

Some of you reading this have experienced the wonder that is the “Tortilla Tower of Power”, or just “Tower of Power”. It is a recipe full of depths of flavor with a bit of spice and heat. I make a vegetarian version and my Deda makes a meat version.

You might be wondering, what it is that I am talking about. Imagine a round lasagne. Like you were baking your lasagna in a 9″ springform cake pan. Next take that ground beef and tomato filling and give it a hotter, spicier and more “mexican” flavor (or in my case a variety of lots of beans). I like the combined spices of cumin, cayenne pepper, chili powder and cilantro. Sautéd onions, garlic, red and green bell peppers and maybe even a chili pepper or two add texture and color as well as flavor. Then mix that with the ground beef/ bean filling. Let it bubble away for a bit.

Now picture the lasagna noodles as tortillas. They fit nicely in that round springform pan I mentioned and make this round lasagna analogy really work (haha, right). Line the pan with two long sheets of foil (with extra to cover the top) and place your first tortilla at the bottom. Layer away while sprinkling shredded cheese on each layer. Finish the top layer with a sprinkle of cheese and close the foil over the top. Bake away for a bit.

I made this one morning before work and had my husband throw it in the oven for dinner. Even the pickiest eater in the family had a slice and enjoyed it! No one can really deny the deliciousness of the “Tower of Power”.