For the past few weeks my mother-in-law and I have alternated making a soup on Sunday. The idea behind the making a big yummy pot of soup on Sunday was to have the soup available to take into work for lunches. Many of the recipes we have been using come from the Happy Pear cookbook, and of course as well as adaptations from internet recipes (I do a lot of adapting because I don’t like going to the store for one ingredient or buying a bunch of something that would only be used for that recipe and then not used up by it. I try not to waste). Anyway, we have had a lovely array of soups!

The kick off for the “Soup Off”, there really isn’t any competition involved in it, just the fun of each trying a new recipe, was a coconut milk sweet potato soup that my mother-in-law’s sister had made. It was so rich, smooth and delicious! It had a nice kick of spice to it as well from a red chili.

The following Sunday was my day and I chose a recipe from the Happy Pear called Hearty Italian Veg and White Bean soup. It was a chunky, brothy soup that reminded me of what I imagine the Mediterranean to be like- warm with the scent and taste of fresh herbs in the air!

My mother-in-law was then up and she made another recipe from the Happy Pear (I had chosen it, but she wanted to make it) It was called Irish Root Vegetable Soup. It blended parsnips, carrots, celeriac (celery root) and, of course, potatoes into a lightly herbed and fairly hearty soup.

I happened to have a butternut squash on hand the following Sunday and found a lovely recipe that, similar to the Coconut Milk and Sweet Potato soup, took the sweetness of the squash and complimented it with a bit of red chili. It was another blended, creamy soup. (I love hearty, chunky soups too, but I sometimes think the blended ones look nicer….)

At this point life stepped in and we all got a bit busier. I really enjoy making soup/ food and cooking and currently my mother-in-law is doing long walks at the weekend to train for the Camino, so I didn’t mind stepping in and making a soup again the following week! I chose to make one of my all time favorite soups- LEEK and POTATO. It’s in capitals because I love it so much. It was a huge hit as well!

Since the inception of our Weekly soup, we have started to recycle a few recipes (mainly the two sweet and spicy ones). I think it is time for me to find a new recipe for this upcoming Sunday. I feel the need to get as many soups into the “colder” season while I can. Most people just aren’t as fond of soup in the summer. Wonder why? I love soup all year round.