Only in West Kerry can you get stuck behind two different sets of farmers moving their livestock in one car ride home. The first farmer was a man in his truck, banging his hands on the side of his door and shouting at his cattle to keep them moving. The cows and their calves were very interested in every grassy bank that caught their eye (which was all of them) and that’s how he startled them back into motion (which really does look like they are kicking their heels up in dance). Every time the cows spotted a gate, they would all lumber towards it, thinking the lush green grasses beyond were their destination. Unfortunately that wash’t the case and the farmer would bang and shout some more to get them on their way again. Amusingly enough for my husband and me, the cows managed to mistake someones ungated drive and front lawn as their new pasture, sauntered in and began to graze happily away, much to the dismay of the farmer in the truck. The man leading the cattle probably should have seen that one coming. We were lucky to have the opportunity to then pass them because we had already been stuck behind them for a good long while.

Our second farmer moving pastures was on the very narrow lanes. He Had parked his ¬†trailer in the middle of the small lane. One shepherd had a shepherd’s crook and the other had a lamb in each hand by their skinny front legs. Luckily they were nearly finished with their short move and we were quickly on our way home again. I only wish that I had had my camera to photograph the migrations!