There has been a photo floating around the internet that caught my eye the other day. It’s a few screen shots from a Johnny Depp movie where he is in a park sitting on a bench next to a little boy. The boy looks sad and Johnny Depp more or less asks if the boy is looking forward to summer. The boy looks at Johnny Depp with tear filled eyes and replies “I live in Ireland”. The final shot is of Johnny Depp hugging the boy and consoling him. Yep. That pretty much sums up an Irish summer. There have been stunningly beautiful days, there have been miserable days. There have been warm days and moldy muggy days. But it’s chill. I am currently wearing jeans, a sweater and sitting on my couch with a blanket on….Not really summer! Ah, but no matter, the days are long and when it is nice, it’s not taken for granted!

Moving away from the weather, I heard of/ adjusted a recipe today that I’d like to share. It is SUPER easy and I found it yummy. A coworker mentioned that she had made chicken burgers the night before. Her description was so mouth watering, that I decided I needed to make something similar. What I ended up with wasn’t much like what she described, but it planted the seed and was the base for my meal.

With no further ado: Paprika Baked Chicken Burgers with Guacamole on a Toasted Multi-seed Roll.. I will say it again: Easy Peezy.

Essentially the recipe is take some chicken breasts (I just happened to have three), and cover them in a paprika, olive oil and garlic paste. For the paste, I mixed about 4 tablespoons of olive oil with 2.5 tablespoons of paprika, a teaspoon of thyme and a finely chopped/diced clove of garlic. Then I pounded the chicken until they were as thin as I could get them (which wasn’t very thin. It ended up being more for fun than anything else). I then coated both sides of the breasts with the paste and let them sit for about 20 minutes. I put foil under the chicken on the baking tray just to make it a little bit less messy.

Ok, so I don’t know about ovens in the US or maybe we call it something else, but in Irish ovens they have got what they call a grill. I think it’s broiling, but I don’t know. Anyway, I put the oven onto the “grill” setting at about 200 Celcius. I popped the chicken into the oven for about ten minutes.

While the chicken was grilling away, I made the guacamole. I used the base of my brother’s recipe which is avocado, tomato, cilantro, lime, green onion, salt and pepper. Now I had gone to the store earlier and bought the lime. I then searched high and low for cilantro. I was cursing the two different grocery stores for not stocking fresh or dry cilantro. I was also annoyed that the cilantro was the first herb to die in my window box. The guacamole would just have to do without. Much to my annoyance and amusement, as I was eating the finished meal I remembered something I knew well…cilantro is coriander here. I had been so focused on the word cilantro that when I was holding a bag of coriander in the shop, I didn’t make the connection or recognize it for what it was! I won’t forget that again (hopefully!).

Back to the guacamole, I used 2 avocados, 6 quartered cherry tomatoes, juice from half of a lime, and a tiny bit of red onion instead of the green onion. Of course I then salted and peppered it to taste. I chopped it quite fine. I tend to like chunky guacamole, but we just got a new food processor and my husband wanted to play with it. To be honest, so did I. Guacamole can be nicer to spread when it is smooth anyway, so win win! (The food processor seems pretty awesome with it’s 28 extra bits!)

About when that was finished I turned the chicken over and cooked it for another 10 minutes. In that time I roasted some asparagus with olive oil, salt and pepper. In the last two minutes or so I cut a few slices of mature cheddar (not super sharp- not Tillamook Aged White Cheddar by any means, but sharp enough) and put it on the chicken to melt. As the cheese was melting, I toasted the rolls.

I whipped up a quick side salad. Once everything was all nice and ready, I plated it. Chicken on the bottom toasted bottom bun, guacamole on the toasted top bun. Salad and asparagus arranged semi-artfully on the side. The chicken was a stunning old brick house red from the paprika and the guacamole was bright green. I might be a bit biased when I say it looked beautiful as well as tasted delicious.

Anyway, it was really easy, took about twenty some minutes and was tasty!