I find that when I say the brand name that has brought Chocolate Hazelnut Spread to slices of toast and bread across the globe, I pronounce it like NEW-tella. Rather than the more commonly pronounced NAH-tella (I realize that’s not phonetic or linguistic at all, but I hope you get what I mean). I do this because more than once I have been asked if my mother’s name is like the chocolate spread….Anyway, I saw an amazingly easy seeming homemade Nutella recipe online and wanted to give it a shot. Well we didn’t have vegetable oil or powdered sugar in the apartment, so some substitutions needed to be made. We took 2 cups of hazelnuts (which we roasted in a skillet for about 7 minutes), blended those for a bit in a food processor. Then we added 2 cups of granulated sugar (the recipe calls for powdered sugar), 1 cup cocoa powder, and one teaspoon vanilla extract. For the oil we thought coconut oil would be tastier than olive oil as a substitute. Well, lets just say that what we ended up with wasn’t spreadable by any means. It was a grainy, gritty, lumpy kind of chocolate mess. Tasty, but no creamy, smooth Nutella. So we added water until we reached a nice consistency. Our concoction was now spreadable, but still a bit gritty. It’s delicious, but I say we need to either used powdered sugar, honey or syrup next time for the sweet. Granulated sugar doesn’t make the right texture. Might just search for a different recipe. In the meantime. There will be lots of toast and our Nutella version!