This is a glossary of the Georgian terms used in my blog. New terms will be added as needed.

babua-    grandfather
badrijani-  eggplant
bebia-     grandmother

chame-   Eat!!

darjeki-  sit down

kargi-     good
keipi-     joyous feast, type of supra
kelekhi- somber feast, type of supra
khansi-  drinking horn
khachapuri- cheese bread
kvacarakhi- plum sauce boiled for 6 hours

gogo-     girl

lobiani- bean paste bread
lobio- bean

marshutka- mini bus that is inter and intra city
modi- come
mstvane- green

satsivi- meat (usually chicken, can be fish) in a walnut, cilantro and spice sauce
stopilo- carrot
supra-    feast

tamada- toasmaster
tseteli- red

*Please note that these spellings are my best interpretation of the Georgian script.


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